Strippers dating female customres

28-Feb-2019 17:54

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Well for me I would rather my partner go to a strip club with the girls then a night club, strippers dont hit on customers unlike the trolls at the clubs.

i think if i had a partner at the moment and he wanted to go to one it wouldnt bother me any more all guys do it .harmless and now ive seen what goes on myself ..big deal !!

I wouldn't mind if my man wanted to go to the strip club....only question is.....I come too. I would even give my man money to put in the girls g-strings. Hell he's probibly going to spice up your night when he does too.harvey PS.

girls never seem to understand that going to a strip joint is more of a male bonding experience than anything.

It's not like I fantasize about the women there instead of my partner at the time.

For a party with the guys is no prob, but if he ends up going there all the time, well then we have a problem. You just have to know how to trust your man, but I know from experience strippers like to convince guys to do anything so just dont let him go that much...Maybe give him a lil lapdance instead Sure let him have his guys night out.

Speaking as a x dancer, I seen married men that would be there 7 days a week for at least 4 hours each time.... I want a relationship that is built on trust, so I would not be upset if he wanted to go from time to time.

I am not the type that would go with him though, that just seems odd to me. thought it was ok for me to go to a strip club, if it is ok me then what's ok for her?I would not date a stripper if that was her only ambition.If she was holding down that job, to move onto something else, I would be much more flexible.Might find it surprising, but not all guys like to go to strip clubs. If I am into someone, why do I need to look at anything else. Even when single, I am disgusted at how often my friends go to strip clubs. why pay a buttload of money to get worked up, go home and jack off, then be depressed about it. I don't see a problem with it so long as he doesn't make a habit of itor spend his paycheck there.

The men I have been involved with onlywent when there was an occasion such as a b-day or bachelor party mostly. I've had several girlfriends who werestrippers & I have worked at one(not as a stripper)& for the most part,thesewomen were either married,lesbian,single mom's trying to support their familyor working her way through college.

Just as long as they come home with me and don't exchange phone numbers with any other girls.....doesn't matter. A strip club is the last place he actually going to get sex if he's looking for it. "Your going to get screwed tonight but not f***ed." lol I do not like green eggs and strippers I do not like them I would not, could not like them with a goat or a boat I would not, could not like them with a house or a mouse No, I do not like green eggs, strippers, and ham My God folks. I would be upset if he went to an all-nude stripclub.